FeralFeral Performance



We explore ongoingness.  We ask questions.  We perform the edge of the possible.


Our identities are formed in relation to global, cultural, and environment situations and we make performance from a place of inquiry about how we fit into/ don’t fit into these situations.  We inhabit our senses in order to source from the inconsistencies of living: tenuous ecosystems, disrupted memories, collective intersectionality, the search for home, pigeons, and gravel. We feel, we touch things, we move and we try to map unpredictable languages and forms. We invite objects into the space and play with them in order to understand what the objects have to say and what we have to say through the objects.  It is already happening and we are also already happening, so we try to create an environment where there is space for that ongoingness to be felt and witnessed.  We dance, we dance because we are angry and we don’t know what to do; we dance because we are happy and we want to share. It is sad, it is happy. There is a lot; there is too much; so let’s make more space. We come from contact improvisation, contemporary dance, butoh, environmentalism, wilderness skills, careful consideration, and happenstance.


FeralFeral is Kevin Dockery and Leslie Castellano



Leslie Castellano/Kevin Dockery

PO Box 4408

Arcata, CA 95518

United States